Paragard IUD: Risks, Complications, And More

Paragard IUD

Paragard is an IUD (intrauterine device) that can ensure long-term birth control. It is a non-hormonal device, which has a T-shaped frame made of plastic that gets inserted in your uterus. The copper wire that is coiled around the frame creates an inflammatory reaction which prevents pregnancy by being toxic to the eggs and sperm. Paragard is the only copper IUD found in the US, and it can prevent pregnancy for ten years after insertion.

But, is Paragard truly that amazing in every way? What are the risks and complications that come with the benefits? What about all the lawsuits that got filed against it? Read on to find the answers to all your questions.

Reasons To Go For Paragard Insertion

Before getting into the issues with Paragard, let’s look at the reasons behind its popularity in the country.

Paragard is a long-term, effective contraception that is useful for premenopausal women of any age. Given below are some of the essential benefits of this IUD:

  •   No need to stop having sex for contraception
  •   Stays for ten years
  •   Can be removed any time
  •   Can be used when breastfeeding
  •   Eliminates the risks of hormonal birth control devices
  •   Can work as emergency contraception when inserted within four days after unprotected sex

Complications And Risks Of Using Paragard

Most studies done on Paragard have marked the IUD as effective and safe, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely without side effects. It might not have the usual complications arising out hormonal contraceptives, but it still has the following side effects:

  •   Vaginitis
  •   Backache
  •   Anemia
  •   Dysmenorrhea
  •   Cramping and pain
  •   Dyspareunia
  •   Menstrual spotting and prolonged flow

Some of the rarer and more serious side effects of Paragard IUD include sepsis, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammation, pattern changes in the menstrual cycle, and perforation of the cervix or uterine wall at the time of insertion.

In fact, Paragard is not even an appropriate option for all. It is not suitable for women with complications like:

  •   Cervical or uterine cancer
  •   Uterine abnormalities like large fibroids
  •   Pelvic inflammatory disease
  •   Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  •   Wilson’s disease
  •   Copper allergies

The Buzz About The Lawsuits Against The Manufacturer

Several lawsuits have been filed till date against the manufacturers of Paragard IUDs. The most common complaint behind all these lawsuits was the breakage of the Paragard, leading to the perforation of the uterus. In some cases the threads have retracted into the uterus or broken.

Women have needed surgery to deal with the complication in all such cases. They claimed that the companies had misrepresented the device as effective and safe even though it was defective. You can take the help of a Paragard IUD lawyer in case you are met with such an unfortunate situation.


Paragard is an IUD that has worked perfectly well for countless women in the US. Yet, there’s no denying that mishaps can occur, and in case they do, make sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible. You can contact a lawyer after you are free from the complication.



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