What to Do After You Get A Dental Implant – Tips for Maintaining Your Oral Health

Dental Implant

Gum diseases, accidents, aging, and other factors can lead to losing teeth. A dental implant is a surgical fixture that acts as a substitute for the root area of a missing tooth. It fuses with the jawbone while holding the false tooth in its place. It is the most accurate mimic of a natural tooth and has the same strength and functioning.

The procedure is quite simple and safe, and with the advancement of technology, medical implants now have a success rate of 98%. Dental implants in Summit can help return your smile and preserve a healthy bone structure.

Like every medical procedure, you need to take care of your implant to ensure proper healing.


It is better to eat soft foods and avoid hard items that might cause irritation, such as hot and spicy foods. Stay hydrated and drink sufficient water. Eat foods rich in protein and nutrition. Some suggested food items are ice cream, smoothies, mashed vegetables, and yogurt. Refrain from consuming alcohol and smoking, which lead to dehydration and interferes with the healing process. After a time frame of a few days, you can return to your regular diet. However, it is beneficial to avoid hard foods till the area heals.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

It is necessary to rest for an entire day immediately after the procedure to allow your body to heal. Limit your activities for 7-10 days to avoid pressure on your tooth. Lay down with a pillow under your head to provide additional support. Be gentle and cautious in your actions to prevent bleeding.

Manage the Pain

Your mouth can feel a little sore or tender after the procedure is complete. A little pain is normal and can be managed with painkillers suggested by your dentist. If there’s swelling and inflammation, icing the area will help reduce it. Your discomfort should subside in a few days; however, if the pain worsens, consult your dentist immediately.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Do not disturb the area for about 24 hours after the implant. Brush using a manual toothbrush twice a day and be careful while brushing the surgical site or avoid it till it heals. Follow your dentist’s guidelines and do not use products such as mouthwash as instructed. Rinse the area with water and salt to prevent infections. Having your jaw aligned will ensure a healthy bite and help with better digestion, leading to better overall health.

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