Management of Pain from Cervical Disc Disease in Roswell


Cervical disc disease occurs when the disc present between the vertebrae gets damaged. The function of the disc is to act as a cushion between the two vertebrae and absorb shock. This mechanism fails in disc disease. In this blog, we will discuss home remedies for the pain of cervical disc disease in Roswell

Treatment at Home

Reduce intense activities

It is essential to do activities that do not require too much neck movement. When you sleep, put a pillow or rolled-up towel under your neck to let it be in a neutral position. But that doesn’t mean you will keep on resting for more than a day or two. If you do so, it can deteriorate the situation by deconditioning the neck muscles.

Cold or heat therapy

Use ice therapy for an initial 24 to 48 hours to reduce inflammation and swelling. After that, you can use heat therapy to reduce muscle stiffness. Do not apply heat or cold for more than 20 minutes and keep a gap of 40 minutes before applying it again.


You can do the following stretches to ease your muscle spasm.

  • Turn your head towards your left, and then place your hand over the chin to push the head a little more. Keep your head in this position for 20 seconds, and then do the same on the right side.
  • You may tilt your head to the left and try touching your left ear to your left shoulder. Use your hand to push your head a little more towards the shoulder. Hold this position for 20 sec. Repeat it on the right side.

Keep your posture straight

Most of the time, poor posture causes neck pain. So make sure that you sit and stand with your back and neck straight. If you need to pick up something, don’t bend your back; instead, bend your knee and grab the object with your back straight. 


Please note that these home remedies can only act as adjuncts to the treatment, such as neck traction and physical therapy. If the pain is severe, they can’t replace the standard therapies. Consult your doctor if pain aggravates due to any of the exercises. Do not neglect the disease as negligence may leave surgery as the only option. Generally, doctors advise surgery when all other methods fail to provide relief.

Yolanda Rivera

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