Coronavirus Rises, Night Curfew Imposed in Oman


A two-week night curfew has been imposed in the Gulf state of Oman due to an increase in the spread of the coronavirus.

According to media reports, shops and public places will be closed from 8 pm to 5 am from October 11-24.

Regarding the coronavirus, the Supreme Council in charge said that the coastal areas in Oman will also remain closed till further orders.

 The council said in a statement that it had decided to re-impose a curfew to protect citizens and foreigners as the spread of the coronavirus increased.

The council asked citizens to adhere to the new SOPs. Businesses that violate it will be named in the media.

 It should be noted that 700 new cases were reported daily in Oman during a month, and the total number of victims has exceeded one lakh.

Yolanda Rivera

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