Compassionate, Effective Cancer Pain Management In Texas


Cancer is not always painful. However, in case it is, you do not have to live with it. At Republic Spine and Pain, the pain management specialists offer highly personalized and holistic treatment plans to alleviate cancer pain and restore the patient’s general health and wellness. The practice welcomes all patients from Austin, Lakeway, Georgetown, and the greater Texas community to their practice. So, if you are struggling with debilitating cancer pain, contact the Austin cancer pain specialists today through mobile or use the online booking tool to request an appointment.

How Does Cancer Cause Pain?

Most cancer treatments have disruptive and painful side effects. For instance, a tumor can cause pain. According to its location and size, it may compress a peripheral nerve or your spinal cord. Moreover, you can realize bone pain if cancer affects your bone tissues.

Various cancer treatments can also cause pain. For example, one might experience surgical pain after a procedure to extract the tumor. In some instances, the surgical pain may go beyond the physical recovery time. Some patients might also experience phantom pain following surgery to remove the cancerous cells or if they need to have their breast or any other body part removed to avoid cancer from spreading further.

Radiation and chemotherapy, other common cancer treatments, are associated with debilitating side effects, such as pain. Some forms of pain resulting from these treatments are sores in the throat or mouth, peripheral neuropathy, and radiation injuries, such as radiation mucositis. Even though you cannot avoid diagnostic tests or treatments due to the pain, patients should consult their provider on what to expect and seek help managing the cancer-related pain.

Can Patients Find Cancer Pain Relief?

While cancer and the highlighted treatments can cause pain, you should note that the pain can be managed. The pain management specialists at Republic Spine and Pain emphasize that pain management is a crucial part of cancer treatment. Enhancing good general health and wellness helps one stay strong as they fight cancer. The pain relief makes you feel stronger, better, and more able to win the battle.

How To Manage Cancer Pain?

The Anesthesiologists and interventional pain management specialist at the practice take a multidisciplinary and personalized approach to alleviate cancer-related pain. Depending on one’s general health and pain, these providers develop a customized program to reduce your pain and improve your wellness. Some of the available treatment options include nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulator, medication management, radiofrequency ablation, and Intrathecal (spinal) injections.

The practitioners have to insert a pain pump for some patients, which regulates the pain via medication. Your providers at Republic Spine and Pain may also include complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, yoga, and massage into your treatment plan to help achieve optimal pain relief and improve your general wellness.

That said, patients enjoy the welcoming and warm office environment at Republic Spine and Pain, where the expert medical team ensures everybody receives exceptional care. If you are struggling with cancer pain, call the office near you or use the online scheduling tool to book your appointment today.

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