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After giving birth, women’s breasts lose shape and firmness due to the weakening of the muscles. Aging and injuries may also damage your breasts. Other women may suffer from genetics, leading to one breast being bigger than the other. Breast augmentation is a surgical technique used to increase the volume, size, and restore firmness of your breast. You need to find an experienced doctor for breast augmentation to avoid complications. Cosmetics in Mayfield Heights perform the best breast augmentation procedures for you. Below are steps to prepare you before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

How to prepare for breast plastic surgery

There are a variety of procedures you should follow before undergoing breast augmentation. First, you will have a brief talk with your surgeon about the types of breast augmentation techniques. There are two types of breast augmentation techniques, which are implants and non-implant techniques. For the implant method, your doctor will use silicone devices to create the shape of your breast. On the other hand, your surgeon may decide to perform fat grafting, which will be used during the augmentation of your breasts. Your doctor will also take you through some of the side effects of breast plastic surgery.  Other preparation steps you should ask your surgeon include:

  • Can breast augmentation challenge breastfeeding? According to plastic surgeons, some women can breastfeed their babies, while it’s a challenge for others.
  • How long does the augmentation last? A perfect breast augmentation surgery can last for eight to ten years. However, you may develop other complications after surgery like weight loss and obesity, which can lead to other additional breast surgical procedures in life.
  • Understand the best breast augmentation technique. After an examination with your surgeon, he or she will decide the best technique for you. 
  • Are there other post-surgical services? Your doctor may recommend an MRI scan for you after three years to check the position of the implant. However, some studies show that an MRI scan is done after some specific symptoms emerge.

It is vital to understand every measure that is required for a successful breast augmentation procedure. The following paragraph explains what to expect after surgery.

What to expect after breast augmentation surgery

During surgery, incisions are made where the silicon device is passed through into the breast. Swelling and soreness may occur around the area of the incision, which will last for a few weeks after surgery. The incisions or the scars will fade as time moves by but will not disappear completely. A compression bra or a bandage is used to offer extra support and keep your implants in a better position. You may suffer from a headache due to the type of anesthesia used. You may also experience pain around the area of surgery resulting from compression from the bandage or bra. Pain medicine may be offered.

Breast augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery used to increase the size and volume of your breast. This cosmetic surgery elevates your confidence and self-esteem. For the best breast augmentation procedures, consult the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute.

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