How Teletherapy Can Save Your Life


As we continue living, advancements in technology also continue. Such advancements have helped people to stay in touch with one another. For patients, it is imperative to look for therapy, as it can be a beneficial and vital experience that will help them manage their mental health condition. Many people, however, find it challenging to find therapy due to various reasons. If you would like to meet with a therapist but are experiencing some challenges in visiting one, a specialist of online video teletherapy in Miami can help you with your condition.

Is teletherapy as effective as seeing the therapist personally?

You may be wondering if teletherapy can be as effective as having an in-person conversation with your therapist. For most people, this kind of therapy can work. According to reports, teletherapy can be beneficial to those patients who feel uncomfortable with the clinical setting. This type of therapy is effective because, in the comfort of your own home, it can help you feel relaxed and more willing to open up to your therapist about your condition. 

What is the purpose of teletherapy?

Teletherapy is similar to standard psychotherapy. While a consultation with the therapist does not need physical contact, such as tests in the laboratory, teletherapy makes it possible to conduct most of the experience online. Among other problems, teletherapy can help those who struggle with depression, chronic stress, relationship issues, and trauma. It is essential to speak with your therapist about your desired approach, however.

How does teletherapy work?

Most teletherapy sessions use video. This kind of therapy is similar to traditional face-to-face treatment. It begins with the therapist asking questions to understand your concern so proper treatment can be rendered. After this, your therapist may have to look further into your condition, tell you what to do, and ask you to explain how you feel about your condition. You should ask your therapist what you should do during the session to protect them from third parties who may interfere.

What is the importance of online teletherapy?

In comparison with standard psychotherapy, teletherapy comes with a bundle of benefits. These include:

  • It facilitates greater access to healthcare services
  • It lowers costs by saving you money that would have been spent on traveling or expenses accrued in hospitals.
  • It provides privacy by allowing you to sit in the comfort of your room and still get help from your therapist.
  • It promotes better public health. As patients seek mental health care from their homes, this will help reduce the spread of diseases, especially during a health crisis.
  • Telehealth services help healthcare providers reach more patients.

Those who have undergone teletherapy services have often reported high satisfaction. If you would like to consult your specialist, but find it difficult to visit them, this kind of therapy may be more suitable for you. It is recommended that you talk to your therapist about your condition and the preferred approach to take. 

Yolanda Rivera

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