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Gynecology Care

What do you think makes women unique? They are indeed different, and their roles are priceless. Their reproductive functions make them completely different from men. However, it also increases their health risks that mostly come from complications involving their reproductive health. Women require gynecology care throughout every stage of life, from puberty to menopause. Suncoast Women’s Care specializes in providing extensive care for women to help them live quality lives and promote their health. The Trinity gynecology practice has highly skilled gynecology specialists committed to improving women’s lives. Visit them today for all your woman’s health needs.

Women have many roles in their homes and society; hence, they need support to perform their duties effectively. Suncoast Women’s Care is your preferred women care facility determined to make your life worthwhile. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

What is gynecology?

Gynecology is a medical field that ensures the health of the female reproductive system. It deals with the health conditions, treatments, and routine care of the women’s reproductive system. 

Gynecology services at Suncoast Women’s Care include:

  •       Annual well-woman exams
  •       Minimally invasive surgery
  •       Breast cancer screening

Well-woman exams

An annual exam is part of your health care requirement. The exercise happens once every year to examine your health status. It may include a breast exam and a pap smear. The routine check-up does not involve care of chronic conditions. You should schedule a different appointment if you have health concerns other than your well-woman exam, such as:

  •       Issues discovered during your annual exam
  •       Concerns or questions
  •       Ongoing health conditions that need more attention

What to expect during your annual exam?

  •       Your health history review
  •       Update of family health history
  •       General physical exam
  •       Medication refills
  •       Update of life and work situation
  •       Update of current medication, herbs, or supplements
  •       Update on immunizations
  •       Pelvic exam

What happens if the doctor discovers a new health problem during your annual exam?

Since the scheduled appointment cannot cover both services, you and your provider will decide to either address the problem, reschedule the exam, or perform your exam and schedule the health concern for another visit.

Before scheduling an appointment, it is essential to ensure that your insurance covers your annual exams since different medical insurances have different rules.

Gynecology also covers minimally invasive surgery, where it uses minimally invasive tools such as laparoscopic devices and endoscopy. These tools enhance the surgical site’s observation and operation using minimal manipulation, allowing faster recovery and minimal incision and scars, unlike open surgery. Dr. Torres offers the DaVinci Robotic-Assisted Surgery to perform minimally invasive procedures to her patients.

Breast cancer also is part of your gynecological care. Doctors recommend comprehensive screening to help detect early signs of cancer. Early detection is critical to start cancer treatments in a timely manner, dramatically increasing the chances of beating the cancer.

Visit Suncoast Women’s Care today for efficient and extensive gynecological care. Dr. Wanda Torres and her team of skilled gynecologists welcomes you to their facility for your well-woman exam, breast cancer screenings, and minimally invasive surgery. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

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