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Are you aware that one in every six couples has a hard time conceiving? Being in good health does not automatically mean you are fertile. Nevertheless, having a healthy weight and consuming nutritious diets may improve your fertility.

Depending on the cause, there are effective treatments for infertility, including IUI in New York City, at New York Fertility Institute. The practice uses cutting-edge techniques to increase your chances of conception. If you have been trying to get pregnant without any positive outcome, consider calling their office or booking your appointment online.

What is IUI?

IUI or intrauterine insemination is an artificial insemination treatment that involves a fertility specialist placing sperm inside the uterus for fertilization.

Your provider may combine IUI with ovarian stimulation to improve your chances of fertilization.

When should you consider IUI?

You may consider intrauterine insemination if your partner has a low sperm count or test results show dysfunction in sperm mobility. The treatment may also be helpful to men with ejaculation dysfunction.

IUI may be ideal in the following cases:

·         Cervical scar tissue

·         Unexplained infertility

·         Cervical mucus issues

·         Semen allergy

·         Endometriosis-related infertility

·         Same-sex couple wishing to conceive

·         Decreased sperm mobility

·         A single woman wishing to conceive

IUI provides a good alternative for in-vitro fertilization since the treatment is minimally invasive and affordable. A fertility doctor at New York Fertility Institute usually verifies if the treatment is right for you by examining your health, medical history, and the cause of your fertility issues.

IUI procedure only assists the sperm in reaching the egg. However, egg fertilization should happen by itself. During your consultation, your provider will highlight the pros and cons depending on your concerns and background.

What to expect during the IUI procedure?

IUI procedure is fast and comfortable; you do not require anesthesia. Your fertility specialist at New York Fertility Institute may recommend you start medications to trigger ovulation before the insemination procedure. Your provider will check your hormone levels using ovulation kits, ultrasounds, and blood tests to detect ovulation to perform the insemination.

The sperm may be from your partner or a donor. The team cleans the sperm in a lab to split it from other fluids and any harmful products. Your doctor uses a catheter to deliver the sperm in your uterus.

The New York Fertility Institute provider offers IUI treatment at the office, which only takes a few minutes. After the procedure, your specialist will tell you the pregnancy signs to look out for in a few weeks.

What are the risks involved with IUI?

Intrauterine insemination is a safe procedure and presents low chances of complications. Some of the risks you might experience, include:

·         Spotting

·         Infection

·         Multiple pregnancies

·         Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

How effective is IUI?

IUI treatment success may differ with different patients. However, the following factors may affect your results.

·         Age

·         Whether fertility drugs are used

·         Underlying infertility diagnosis

·         Other underlying fertility concerns

Contact a fertility specialist today

If you have tried conceiving for more than a year without success, it’s time you consider consulting a fertility specialist. New York Fertility Institute provides the most accurate and well-researched treatments to help you conceive. Contact their offices today for a consultation.

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