Caring A Sprained Ankle – What Do The New York Podiatrists Suggest

Sprained Ankle

An ankle sprain is one of the many issues that people experience today. When there is an accidental chance of losing body balance, the resulting factor will be swollen or sprained ankle. Sometimes the pain just fades away on its own, and sometimes the pain requires the attention of a podiatrist.

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According to the New York specialists, here are some of the symptoms of sprained ankle issues.

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Instability in the ankle region
  • Cannot handle more movements of the ankle region

The severity of the sprain can be because of the prolonged sprain problem, and this condition requires the immediate attention of a podiatrist.


The diagnosis of the sprained ankle issue by the New York podiatrist includes following many procedures. However, the most preferred one is taking an X-ray of the region, which will help them understand the severity of the condition and develop a solution accordingly.

Treatments for Sprained Ankle

Here are some of the treatment options for a sprained ankle.


Ice is an ideal choice for reducing the further swelling of the sprained ankle region. Ice should be first wrapped in a clean cloth or inside an ice bag and placed on the strained region. The procedure should be followed for not more than 20 minutes.


Compressions will reduce the chances of swelling of the region and support and immobilize the sprain injury.


Propping the sprained ankle above the waist level can reduce the flow of blood to the sprained ankle, and it results in reducing the chances of swelling any further.

Even after following all these options, your ankle will not get the required relief if you keep on exerting pressure on the region. Instead of trying to move around, following the strict bed rest option is suggested. You can take the help of crutches for some necessary movements such as bathroom visits, and so on.

Visit your podiatrist as soon as you twist your ankle and feel the pain in that particular region. Delay in the consultation can increase the severity of the condition.

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