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Prime Heart and Vascular specialize in vein treatment in Frisco Texas. The practice with various locations in Texas provides you with convenient cardiovascular care to enhance and improve your health. Heart disease is the most common cardiovascular condition and the leading cause of death among many individuals. Unhealthy lifestyles are among the causes of the disease. If you are having any cardiovascular or vein problems, visit Prime Heart and Vascular today to manage and improve your health. You may also call or book online for your appointment.

Causes of visible veins

Vein treatment can be for cosmetic or medical reasons. But, in general, a visible vein tries to tell you that something is wrong with your heart health. the main cause of vein problems include:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency

The main role of a vein is to carry blood from your body to your heart. Veins consist of valves that help push the blood against gravity and up to your heart. However, when the valves get damaged, blood may flow backward increasing the pressure in your legs. When this happens, it creates a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency.

  • Chronic venous obstruction

Chronic venous obstruction is the blockage of veins. It occurs when scar tissue in the vein causes damage to the valves and a backward flow of blood to the heart. The chronic venous obstruction causes visible leg veins, restless legs, neuropathy, and leg swelling.

Factors increasing your risk of developing vein problems

Some factors can lead to high chances of visible veins and vein problems, including aging, genetics, height, obesity, childbirth, sitting or standing for long periods, and your family history. Being a woman also increases your risk of vein problems due to the hormone progesterone.

Treatments for vein problems

The highly experienced team at Prime Heart and Vascular uses innovative and advanced techniques to provide effective treatments for vein problems. Dr. Shah provides accurate diagnosis through various testing and imaging to evaluate your vein problem and develop the most effective treatment plan. An MRI, an ultrasound, physical examination, and venography may also be part of the diagnosis. After evaluating your vein problem, Dr. Shah provides a customized treatment plan that may include:

Compression stockings

The board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Shah, usually offers compression stockings to relieve your symptoms and increase your healing process.


Sclerotherapy is a vein treatment method that uses a small needle to inject a medicine that shuts down the vein.

Lifestyle changes

The cardiovascular specialists recommend a healthy lifestyle to prevent vein problems, including healthy diets, regular exercise, reducing prolonged sitting and standing, and weight loss for overweight people.


Microphlebectomy is the removal of larger veins using a small incision and a medical hook.

Radiofrequency ablation

It’s an in-office procedure that uses a catheter to emit sound waves to close the vein with heat.

Dr. Shah is caring and friendly and ensures a comfortable and relaxing environment during your vein treatment. He is highly experienced and guarantees you the best results. He provides comprehensive and effective vein treatments, including a venous stent, clot removal, and pelvic embolization. For a vein treatment to relieve your discomforting vein lines and improve your overall vein health, visit Prime Heart and Vascular today.

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