How To Buy Prescription Glasses Online



Amidst this quarantine, companies and stores across the world have been closed. As a result, getting a pair of prescription glasses has become problematic. Fortunately, acquiring prescription glasses has become simple than ever. With SmartBuyGlasses, you can purchase your prescription glasses in only a two or three minutes, with up-to-date online technology, amid the confinement of your house. You can choose from an assortment of eyewear and have it delivered straight to your doorstep! All you have to do is follow these some steps to procure your following pair of prescription glasses;


Bear in mind that purchasing prescription glasses online still comprises of consultation from the optometrist and any recommendations are to be provided by a consultant. For proper identification of vision issues, prescriptions and counsels based on your requirements, you should always refer to a specialist. Also, for precise custom-tailored eyewear, we would recommend you to consult opticians, as they can determine which pair of glasses suits you fine.


Are you unsure about your prescription for glasses? Lens Scanner is an application made by SmartBuyGlasses just for you! All you have to do is download the application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone to acquire your prescription for glasses in a matter of minutes, amid the confinement of your house. Once you’ve acquired your prescription, just go to SmartBuyGlasses and choose from an assortment of eyewear!


Do you earlier have a particular sort of frame in mind? Just navigate through the website and choose from an extensive suite of brands, such as Tom Ford, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and many more. And, you can avail a 70% concession on your preferred brand of eyewear!


Your eyewear is more than just a necessity! It should supplement your features and emphasize all your facets. Hence, before you purchase glasses for yourself, you should be conscious of the shape of your face. For this, just glance at the mirror and determine whether your features is round, square, diamond or heart-shaped.


Span frame sizes are an aesthetic choice, they should also be worn as per the proportions of your face. For instance, frames that are small can make your features appear more wide. And, apart from that, it’s also an important thing to consider for comfort. For instance, smaller frames might be uncomfortable and irritate you. You can determine the proportions of your face by wearing a previous pair of glasses and measuring the distances.


Glasses are made from an assortment of materials; plastic, metal, acetate and titanium. Renowned brands will always give you with the most premium materials for your eyewear. Not only do these make the glasses more resilient, but they also provide more comfort and convenience. SmartBuyGlasses provides an immense collection of premium glasses at the most competitive costs.


Once you have decided on which frame shape, size and material you want to go for, choosing a colour comes next. Obviously, this is an aesthetic choice! If you’re purchasing from a renowned brand, often than not, glasses come in a diversity of colours and shades.


If you’ve distinct on the above-mentioned merits, you can add your prescription. From SmartBuyGlasses, can either submit the prescription yourself or upload it onto the website and wait for one of the associated optical laboratories to take part into your particular requirements. You can choose the material and thickness of your lenses, however, the optometrist might determine whether you need single-vision or multi vision lense. You can refer to the lenses index chart to determine which one suits your requirements and visualization needs.

Coating is determined from your routine; if you have a dynamic routine that involves outdoor activities most, then you’ll need a lens that does not scratch or corrode. You can also include another anti-scratching coating for more longevity. Moreover, an anti-reflective coating scan be beneficial for you if your routine involves outdoor activities. Obviously, UV protection is just indispensable!

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When purchasing glasses online, always be aware of the guarantee, returns, shipping, insurance, and carrying.

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