Effective Treatment and Elimination of Varicose Veins in EL Paso, TX

Varicose Veins

According to medical statistics, about one in five people have varicose veins. Varicose veins have many symptoms including fatigue, swelling, heaviness, pain, tiredness, etc. More so, they are not aesthetically attractive; hence can lower your self-esteem significantly. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore. At Desert West Vein & Surgery Center, board-certified general surgeon Atur Kasha, DO, and his skilled team provides effective El Paso general surgery to get rid of your varicose veins and enhance the quality of your life. For more information about the treatment services, call or book an appointment online.

What Exactly Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins refer to veins in your leg that become enlarged. The damaged veins are caused by weakened blood vessel walls and backed-up blood. This is because a damaged valve stops working correctly, causing the blood to flow back in the vein and collect in a particular area, causing the vein to become enlarged. The enlarged blood vessels might appear purple or blue. The symptoms of varicose veins include; swelling, aching leg pain, twisted or protruding veins, skin discoloration, blue or dark purple veins, muscle cramping, or pain after sitting or standing.

What Are The Predisposing Factors For Varicose Veins?

While everybody can develop varicose veins, some of the risk factors that might elevate your probability of developing them include;

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Older age
  • Varicose veins family history
  • Sitting or standing for a long time

Untreated varicose veins can cause complications, including; blood clots, bleeding, open sores, and ulcers. It is hence essential to seek proper medical care even if you are not bothered by their appearance.

What Are The Available Varicose Vein Treatment Options?

When you visit Desert West Vein & Surgery Center for varicose veins treatment, the experienced team will recommend several effective treatment options depending on your particular needs. The treatments aim to get rid of the varicose veins and decrease your risk of complications. These include:

Lifestyle changes

The team might recommend lifestyle changes to decrease diseased or unwanted veins and the chances of them recurring. These might include; wearing compression stockings, elevating your legs, exercising regularly, losing weight, and avoiding standing or sitting for more extended periods.


This is an innovative minimally invasive treatment that has proven effective in the treatment of varicose veins. The technique injects a tiny amount of adhesive into the varicose veins, which closes them and enables blood to reroute into the healthier veins.

Radiofrequency ablation

The treatment entails placing a tiny catheter in a damaged vein. It uses high-frequency radio waves to close unhealthy veins while reducing the risk of bleeding and bruising. The blood reroutes to the healthier veins in your legs to minimize the discomfort.


The treatment involves injecting a particular solution into the varicose vein. This causes the varicose veins to close and redirect the blood to the healthy veins. The treated veins tend to get reabsorbed in the body for a more enhanced aesthetic appearance.

To sum up, you should not live with unattractive varicose veins when minimally invasive procedures are available. Dr. Kasha and the team at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center provide exceptional minimally invasive varicose veins treatment to ensure you have an enhanced aesthetic look. For more consultation, call or schedule an appointment online.

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