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milk thistle

If you are interested in finding the best extract for your wellness, you can trust milk thistle extract when compared to that of other supplements in the market. This extract is derived from the hard fruit of milk thistle plant. The silymarin present in this extract can be considered as their secret ingredient. The purity level, concentration and other related aspects will be determined depending upon the amount of silymarin present in the supplement. In some cases, this extract will be taken separately and in some cases, they are combined with other herbs to treat various diseases. Hence if you are about to use milk thistle for your well being, you must be aware of their handling methods.

Reasons to use milk thistle

Here are some important medical benefits which will help you to feel the importance of using milk thistle. Right from the day when the extract was introduced in the market, they have been used for treating the liver disorders. This extract greatly supports the liver health by eliminating all the toxic substances that gets settled in the liver. These toxic substances will get occurred during the filtration process. If they are not removed, they tend to cause cell damages. To avoid these medical conditions, a right dosage of milk thistle extract can be taken in proper cycle. Apart from this medical benefit, milk thistle can be used as the best anti inflammatory and anti-aging supplement.

Milk thistle- preferable dosage

As mentioned above, the milk thistle is used for curing various diseases. Hence if you are about to intake milk thistle, you must choose the appropriate dosage according to your purpose of intake. For example, the dosage for the people taking it for liver disorder will greatly get differed from the people who are using it for diabetics. Hence you are supposed to be more cautious in choosing the preferable dosage for your needs. Here are some milk thistle dosages which are preferable for various medical disorders.

Before moving to the dosages, the other important factor to be considered is the amount of silymarin present in the supplement. This is because the dosages are to be adjusted according to the concentration of silymarin present in them. If you are about to take this extract for treating allergic rhinitis, you must intake 140mg. If you are suffering from high cholesterol and their medical consequences you can intake about 600 mg of extract. This is the maximum dosage and you can also reduce your dosage level if your cholesterol level is low. If you are victim who is suffering from type II diabetics, 480mg will be your preferable dosage. If your sugar level is too high, you can increase your dosage gradually. Apart from all these factors, the milk thistle extract is highly suggested for liver damage. And the dosage limit of this disorder is 160-800mg. One can intake them according to their health condition. It is to be noted that for better results, these dosages should be taken three times a day.

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