Why Should You Visit a Dentist?


Having a healthy and beautiful smile is essential to people of all ages. A person’s teeth and gums can affect the quality of their voice and may even contribute to diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. The key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums is regularly visiting a trusted dentist for examinations, cleanings, x-rays, and follow-up care. Many people skip visits due to the costs involved and anxiety. However, seeing a South Bay dentist every few months has many different benefits, both your dental and overall health. If you need a reason to see a dentist, we have more than a few, as you can see below.

Preventative Care

Visiting a dentist regularly can help you avoid costly and painful procedures like root canals, gum disease treatments, tooth extractions, and emergency hospital visits for severe injuries. Dentists often spot problems before they become severe enough to require a trip to the emergency room or even before it becomes noticeable by most people. Visiting a dentist may also reduce your risk of more painful issues like toothaches and gum diseases.

Professional Cleaning

Regular, professional cleanings can help keep your teeth strong and healthy. The hygienist uses special tools to scrape off plaque, tartar, and other gunk that can build up on your teeth. This reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease because it prevents food particles from getting trapped between your teeth. If caught early, your dentist can also remove any tiny buildup of tartar above the gum line before it becomes gingivitis and begins to cause pain and other problems.

Dental Exams

During a dental exam, the dentist will check for signs of oral cancer, such as swollen lymph nodes or lumps in your neck. They will also look for tooth decay, gum diseases, and other problems that may arise. These exams can help people discover a more serious problem before it becomes a severe issue.


Dental x-rays are often required to determine the health of your teeth and gums. X-ray machines reveal problems such as cavities between your teeth or abscesses under your gums. X-rays can also show signs of oral cancer, including receding gums, lumps, and trouble breathing.


Many people avoid visiting the dentist because they feel it is too expensive and not worth their time. However, there are many ways to keep your costs down. Your dental office may run specials on cleanings and exams that you can take advantage of. Dentists also participate in patient plans that help those with lower incomes receive discounts or free services. You may also be able to pay for services using your dental insurance plan. Additionally, people on a low income may qualify for free or reduced-cost dental care.

In summary, your dental health impacts your overall well-being, so you need to do everything to stay in good health, including visiting a dentist regularly. There are many reasons to schedule a dentist visit, including preventative care and long-term money savings. You also benefit from dental exams and x-rays, which can identify conditions before they become serious. Professional cleaning is another reason to visit a dentist.

Yolanda Rivera

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