A Simple Guide To Sanitize Your Workplace Today!


With the pandemic in effect, individuals have learned the lesson to stay healthy and clean. Don’t you sanitize your hands with a long Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer from GNA Naturals? Just like you keep your hands, home, and surroundings clean and germ-free, it is important to sanitize your workplace as well.

Well, you spend over 9 hours from Monday to Friday at your workplace. Don’t you feel the need that your workplace should be equally hygienic and sanitized as your home.

There is a high possibility that your employees and business associates are likely to walk-into the office premises even when they are unwell. This makes it all the more imperative for you to sanitize your workplace time and again.

Regardless of whether you are an employer or an employee it’s a social responsibility to sanitize your workplace.

Discussed here are some key spots where you must place hand sanitizers at your workplace-

Entry and Exits

A germ-clad door-knob can be the major cause of spread of disease or illness at work. Almost everyone is likely to use the handle to push the door. Make sure that you sanitize your hands before and after you have contacted the handle.

Sanitize the handle at frequent intervals and place a hand gel sanitizer on both sides of the door. This will help you to keep your hands germ-free and refrain from being a germ carrier. The same applies for switch boards. Place a bottle of sanitizer around the board so that everyone can sanitize their hands immediately.

Food Court And Cafeteria

Germs are likely to be present in huge quantities in the kitchen, food court, break room, and the aligned area.

Make sure that you try to keep these places as clean as possible. Simultaneously, use sanitizer to clean your hands. In case, you are likely to use an induction stove or any such appliances, then it is recommended to use hand wash.


Laptop screens, keypad, phones, etc. are likely to hold germs and transfer them. It is important to clean them from time-to-time to get rid of the germs. You may sneeze or cough while working and that can spread germs in the surrounding area.

Therefore, make sure that you clean your desk with a disinfectant and sanitize your desk and all the electronics on it. Keep a separate sanitizer for your use so that you can clean your hands more often.


Imagine your premises are on the 20th floor and you are definitely not likely to walk up those many floors. You are bound to use elevators and will have to push your desired floor button.

Make sure that you have a sanitizer handy so that you can use it immediately once you have punched your desired floor number. This way, you are less likely to retain germs on your fingers and  carry it ahead.

The same applies while going back home.

Public Spots

You probably have to visit public spots while walking back home or to run some errands. Irrespective of the reason, don’t forget to carry a hand sanitizer and clean your hands often.

Mall hallways, airports, or any other public transport are carriers of germs and hence you must be mindful of where you place hands. Make sure that you clean hands regularly.

How To Choose A Good And Effective Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is your key stay germ-free. This makes it imperative for you to choose an effective and durable sanitizer. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is likely to kill more germs and help you stay healthy. This sanitizer comprises 70% alcohol and provides you surety to kill germs.

It is believed and said that an increased amount or alcohol assures more effectiveness of the sanitizer. Remember to purchase sanitizers in bulk so that you don’t run short of them.

Wrapping Up

In case, you are an employer, make provision for your employees to work from home so that flu germs are not being passed on to other employees at your workplace.

As an employee, you can even ask your employer to provide you work from home for a few days so that you don’t transmit germs at your work premises.

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