Will a Natural Cancer Cure Ever Be Found? 


If you have cancer or know someone who has cancer, it means that you need some basic advice to help yourself. Assuming I don’t know you or your medical history, I will try to provide you with what we could call or self-help tips that will be helpful no matter what your condition is.

The treatment of malignant tumors is still a challenge for medicine, scientists are constantly looking for new, more effective cancer therapies. As a supplement to traditional methods in oncology, the natural preparations with extracts of herbs and some mushrooms.

Cancer is a disease of the whole organism?

Yes. The more that malignant tumors are prone to metastasis, also to other organs of the body. But even when the cancer affects only a specific organ, we cannot say that it is just an isolated disease of one organ. We should treat the human body holistic as a whole, not the sum of independent organs. A disease of one organ affects the functioning of the entire body.

What foods can prevent cancer?

A balanced diet and natural cancer cures, rich in vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, e.g. polyphenols, glucans. Composed of a large amount of vegetables, seafood and sea fish, low in animal fats and red meat. It is also important not to get overweight. They say we are what we eat. Food can harm but also heal, providing the body with good quality “fuel”. Many diseases can be prevented or even cured by changing the way you eat. Adequate diet along with physical exercise has a decisive influence on the efficiency of our immune system.

A healthy immune system means the ability to self-regulate the body without the support of pharmacological agents?

The human body is equipped with self-healing mechanisms, otherwise we would be constantly ill with our daily contact with various pathogens. From point of view, one of the most important human systems is the immune (immune) system. The local medicine focuses primarily on prevention, preventing the development of the disease. In this country there is even an administrative obesity penalty and a government’s compulsory overweight program. The East is at the fore in the scientific study of human immunity. The United States is also making it to the top.

How beneficial the surgery for Cancer?

Surgery for tumors is proven, because if we remove the tumor, the tumor is gone. With chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the matter is more complex. Cancer has many faces. Each case gives a different picture of the disease. Therefore, an individual approach to each patient should be the norm.

Trying to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells. The preparations recommended by me, which are completely non-toxic themselves, alleviate side effects and reduce the undesirable effects of conventional therapies. I have worked with different treatment regimens depending on the specific patient and their body tolerance.

Colorful fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids that not only protect against cancer but also aid healing. They are powerful antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

The next group is whole grains, especially rice. The remainder of the menu should be eggs, deep sea fish, game or white meat such as chicken or turkey. If you are strict on a vegan diet, you may need dietary supplements.

As for the use of one in conventional medicine, I don’t think so. Too much money would run from under the nose of pharmaceutical companies. Bearing in mind this state of affairs, knowledge about cancer prevention becomes essential. But aside from the prevention itself, the spices I am listing are a great cancer cure. I don’t know if you are aware, but in your kitchen you have everything you need to prevent and fight cancer.

Spices as a cancer cure?

Many of them have been tested in this respect. In our world, there is a large amount of coffee and cancer with anti-cancer properties. The effect of spices is due to their antioxidant properties, the ability to induce changes in cellular processes related to e.g. cell division, apoptosis or differentiation. Moreover, they inhibit the growth of microorganisms and inflammation.

When it comes to the effectiveness of spices in cancer prevention and therapy, several conditions must be met for the desired effect:

  • interaction and other dietary components / e.g. better absorption of curcumin in the presence of piperine and fat /
  • microorganisms in the digestive tract / normal bacterial flora /
  • environmental factors or susceptibility of a given human organism. Therefore, a broad spectrum of action is most justified.

More and more people want to live healthily and consciously. They are well aware that what they eat can have a huge impact on their and their families’ health.

Yolanda Rivera

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