Why it is Vital to Get the Flu Shot


Skipping or avoiding flu vaccination can seem harmless, but it’s good to know that the flu is not something to mess around with. According to research, about 45 million Americans get the flu every year, and about 61,000 of them die annually. You don’t have to add to this number while you can get a flu shot quickly from providers such as Kalpana Desai, MD, of Integrated Family Medical Center in Lady Lake, FL. The flu shot only does good in your life, and here are some of the reasons why it is crucial to have one.

It Prevents You From Getting the Flu

This is one of the main reasons to get a flu shot. Flu vaccine prevents you from developing an influenza infection. Note that there is no cure for influenza, and therefore, prevention is the best treatment you can get for the condition. Although it might not be perfect, it has proven effective in preventing flu-related complications. This is because the flu shot has ingredients that help your body manufacture antibodies to fight the flu virus.

It Keeps You Out of the Hospital

Research shows that with the flu vaccines, you can manage any flu-related complications, which means that a single shot will minimize your visits to the hospital. Research also indicates that the flu vaccines reduce the risk of children needing to stay in a flu-related pediatric intensive care unit. This will also reduce your hospital visits due to your children’s complications.

It is Vital if You Have a Chronic Condition

The flu vaccination has additional benefits to those who have chronic conditions. The vaccine is associated with causing lower cardiac events with heart disease, particularly those who had an event in the past. Besides, research has shown that those who get the flu shot and have chronic lung disease and diabetes do not visit the hospital as often as those who haven’t gotten the shot.

It Protects Women During and After Pregnancy

As a woman who plans to have a family, a flu shot has an added advantage for you. The vaccination can reduce your risk of developing an acute respiratory infection by up to 50%. It also reduces the chances of being hospitalized with flu during your pregnancy. The flu shot also protects the baby after birth from the flu infection. This is because if you get a flu shot, your antibodies pass to your baby as it develops.

It Can Save Your Child’s Life and Yours, Too

According to research, children who aren’t vaccinated against flu infection are at a higher risk of dying than those vaccinated. Therefore, it would be better if your children are vaccinated to significantly reduce their chances of dying from flu.

Besides, the flu shot also saves your life when you get sick with the flu. Studies have found that the vaccine reduces the disease’s severity, minimizing deaths, ICU admissions, and the overall hospitalization duration.

You Protect Others by Getting a Flu Shot

This might catch you by surprise, but yes, getting vaccinated yourself also protects those who are around you. You reduce the risk of others getting the flu, including those with high stakes for other serious complications. These are the babies, young children, older people, or those with chronic health conditions.

By knowing the importance of getting the flu shot, what remains is scheduling your flu shot right away to benefit from it. Your provider will tell you more about the shot to help you make informed decisions.

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