Why COVID-19 Testing is the Key to Normal Life

COVID-19 Testing

Everyone wishes for the COVID-19 pandemic to end. However, with the COVID virus spreading like a bush fire, you can get infected at any time. You may also have had the infection in the past without your awareness; thus, your need Daniel Maenner, DO, for Covid-19 testing in West New York for current and past infection. Getting back to normal involves how proactive you are to get tested.

COVID-19 testing

Everyone wants the pandemic to end. For you to get back to partying and to those favorite restaurants, it takes your efforts and positivity to get testing to curb the spread of the infection.

If you experience the following symptoms, you need to go for testing as fast and as early as possible;

  • Fever, chills, cough, and difficulties breathing
  • Fatigue, muscle, and body ache
  • Headache, sore throat, loss of smell and taste
  • Congestion and running nose
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Do not wait around for those chest pains to persist, trouble breathing, and your skin to change color to pale. Conduct doctor Daniel Maenner for the following COVID-19 tests;

Rapid test:  It is an antigen test that involves the mouth and nasal swabs, and you get your results 15 minutes later and be able to determine your state.

PCR nasal swab test: This viral or molecular test involves getting a fluid sample from the far back of your nose to evaluate your condition.

Antibody test:  It helps to detect antibodies which are proteins left behind before COVID-19 infection.

Benefits of COVID-19 testing

Every person in the world and in West New York, New Jersey, can help control the spread of this pandemic. You can do these from wearing a mask to washing hands with alcohol-based sanitizer, maintaining physical distance, and avoiding indoor gatherings. However, testing is vital for taking preventative measures to avoid spreading the infection to your loved ones and friends.

Outlined below are reasons why testing is crucial;

Testing saves lives. Testing for COVID-19 for those who exhibit symptoms such as sore throat and difficulties breathing, those who do not show the signs, and those in close contact with those infected, help prevent the spread and identify people who require care in a timely fashion.

Testing is easy and quick. With the new development, capacity, and supplies to collect and process samples, COVID-19 testing has become faster and easier. Hence you do not need to wait for 24 hours to get the results, only 15 minutes, and you are good to go or start proper care.

Testing is crucial for those communities affected most. Some communities and age groups are affected more than others. Testing helps curb the spread among these communities and helps prevent the spread. Some communities are essential workers who can not work from home; testing helps them determine their health status while out in the field. After all, they have those who depend on them, and they need that work.

Consult your COVID-19 testing specialist today

COVID-19 has disrupted people’s lives immensely. With the current testing, book an appointment with Daniel Maenner in West New York, New Jersey at The Doctor’s House, get tested for your safety and that of your loved ones.

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