What organic cough medicines can be used for kids?

cough medicines

Cough is the most deadly problem one can ever face. Even adults hate it then how can a kid like it? It can make a kid go cranky and uncomfortable. Parents are never happy to see their child in pain. They suggest and feed a number of medicines and syrups to kids but to no avail. The best cough remedy that always works has to be organic. These syrups are very easy to make and are extremely safe for kids too.

Different home-made cough remedies:

There are different organic cough medicines for kids that can be made at home:

  1. A blend of honey and lemon:

Honey contains many properties to fight bacteria. It consists of iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The immune system stays healthy because of the good amount of vitamin C in lemon. Kids can get instant relief from cough with the blend of these two major ingredients.

  1. Milk and honey:

Milk has many nourishing features and hone is rich with basic elements that battle bacteria. This not only heals cough but also heals a running nose.

  1. Anise seeds and honey

The famous property of anise seeds is that they help in healing a lot. It has cured many problems like asthma, bronchitis, respiratory infections etc. This is the most effective organic cough medicine for kids.

  1. Honey and ginger:

Many medicinal properties are present in ginger. Honey has the capacity to fight bacteria. It is not hard to find these ingredients. Just mix them and get the medicine for kids.

  1. Mint and Ginger:

Honey can be given to babies who are less than one year. Honey is not allowed to them. Methanol is present in mint that is a good fighter against bacteria.

  1. Onion, garlic and honey:

Garlic is able to fight microbes like honey fights bacteria. Both when joined together can act as the best organic cough medicine for kids.

It has never happened that these remedies don’t work. In case, the condition of your kid deteriorates, you must go and see a doctor immediately.

Few tips to follow:

Although you might be giving the medicines prescribed by doctor or feeding the kid home- made organic medicines but these tips must be followed for quick recovery:

  • Elevate the heads of kids
  • Steam up children
  • Run a cool mist humidifier
  • NoseFrida
  • Clear the nose
  • Feed honey
  • Give candy to kid for licking
  • Use a balm and apply on chest
  • Give extra fluids to kids
  • Warm milk
  • Chicken soup works too
  • Gargling can improve condition
  • Remove irritants from home
  • Fresh air works well


Cough when left unattended can lead to serious trouble. Immediately check on your kid if he is coughing continuously before it gets worse. Organic cough medicine for kids always works best for kids. No negative feedback has ever been received from anybody as they have always proven to be beneficial for others.

Yolanda Rivera

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