Top 5 Benefits of Microblading


Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing process: “It’s like getting eyeliner on your face. It’s permanent makeup” (Hughes). Microblading has several benefits over traditional methods of permanent makeup because it is more natural-looking, the pigments used are much better for the skin, and the results last longer. The pigment is semi-permanent, which means that it will fade eventually. However, it is less likely to fade than traditional methods because the pigment used in micro-blading is much better for your skin since it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. It’s also made of natural sources like iron oxides and titanium dioxide. The procedure comes with many benefits you should know of before going for Microblading in Woodbury

Reduces Preparation Time in the Morning

Instead of putting on fake eyelashes every morning, you have to wash your face and do your regular makeup. With micro-blading, the pigment is implanted in the skin instead of over it like traditional methods. You can wake up, let your face air dry for about ten minutes before putting on some moisturizer, and leave, which saves you time and effort every morning.

It is Painless

It’s a myth that it hurts to get traditional permanent makeup. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as getting a tattoo because the needles are not going deep into your skin. The prickling sensation from micro-blading is hardly noticeable, and you will get used to the feeling after a few minutes.

Long-lasting Results

Microblading is semi-permanent, meaning the effects last for a long time. It doesn’t fade quickly like other traditional permanent makeup since the pigment sinks into your skin to color, enhance, and moisturize it. Permanents makeup has been around for nearly 150 years, so you can trust it’s safe and effective. It’s a more natural way to get permanent makeup because it doesn’t leave you with any harsh lines or symptoms.

No Changes to Pigment

The pigment used in micro-blading is made of natural ingredients like iron oxides and titanium dioxide, which means it is much healthier for your skin than traditional methods. It will not cause the darkening of your skin like other tattoos because its source comes from plants rather than animals or people. This method also means that the pigment won’t change color over time, making it easy to go out in the sun without worrying about the colors changing.

Consistent Results

Unlike permanent makeup, micro-blading gives you consistent results every time. With the pigment implanted in your skin rather than over it like traditional methods of permanent makeup, they are easier to maintain and will look nearly identical after each procedure. It gives you a painless experience and lasts much longer than traditional methods.

Micro-blading is a cosmetic tattooing process meant to improve your appearance. Like other cosmetic procedures, it improves your appearance and reduces your time getting ready every morning. It also comes with additional benefits, such as consistent results that last long and maintaining the natural pigment. Additionally, micro-blading does not cause any pain.

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