The best method for Handling Teeth Problems

Teeth Problems

The current world technology has evolved in the manner of how we deal with teeth issues and problems. There are new ways used to enhance a good-looking smile and physical appearance solving all dental problems. Consulting a Hilliard implant dentist will give you new and unique procedures for handling your oral issues. Here are the most used methods for dental problems.

1. Cosmetic Dentistry

There are different techniques used in the modern world by dentists to enhance one’s beauty and create a perfect smile. Dental specialists have developed an innovative dental procedure that gives their clients desired results.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The following are the ways used to enhance the aesthetic appearance that dental specialists currently use;

  •       Whitening

This is the best technique used to remove stains and plaques that are formed on the tooth surface. The procedure is amicable as some can be done at home while others are available at dental hospitals.

  •       Filling Replacement

A filling is the use of metal to fill the spaces in the decayed tooth. Sometimes too many fillings can interfere with an individual’s perfect smile. In cosmetic dentistry procedures, dentists use filling replacements to take the place of the metal fillings. Tooth-colored composite is used to brighten the smile once again.

  •       Veneers

Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of the stains completely. In this case, dental practitioners use veneers to brighten their patient’s smiles. Veneers are made to take the shape of teeth. They are used to cover the teeth’ surface. Veneers are made of a shell that permanently seals the tooth’s surface.

2. Dental Implants

To people with missing teeth, this is the best option. Dental implants are used to replace the tooth as they are implanted into the jawbone. The implants are primarily made of metal posts and thus long-lasting. They give an individual a more natural look as it holds the tooth’s root in place perfectly.

3. Dental Crowns

For teeth that are damaged beyond repair, dentists use crowns to seal the top of the existing root structure permanently. Crowns are cap-shaped, and they restore all the functions of the teeth, such as biting, chewing, and grinding.

4. Dentures

Dentures are oral appliances made of porcelain that are stain-resistant, attached to the mouth, and resemble natural gum tissues. Dentures are removable, and their primary function is to enhance a perfect smile. The current technology has helped create dentures that make an individual feel comfortable when using them.

5. Bone Grafting

This is a procedure used to enhance the development of new bone tissue in the jaws. It uses minimally invasive procedures to regenerate the tissue. It helps to remove old tissue and to replace it with new tissue. Bone grafting is mainly used to help in the following scenarios;

  •   Supporting a dental implant.
  •   Following a tooth extraction. After a tooth is removed, bone grafting is used to help the jaw bone heal faster.
  •   Preventing gum diseases.

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