Surprising Facts About Women’s Bodies and Health

Women’s Bodies and Health

The approach to women’s health has gone through revolutionary changes over the years. From pregnancy to brain function, women and their bodies are vastly unique to their male counterparts. Consequently, experts are redefining women’s health based on female-specific issues rather than turning a blind eye or making outdated generalizations. Read on for some surprising facts about women’s bodies and maintaining feminine wellness.

Weight Gain in Women: If you’re a woman and bemoaning those extra pounds, you might feel better knowing that the extra weight is about survival. To explain, women put on padding around the waist and abdomen as the body’s way to prepare for childbearing. The body keeps fat stored in these areas to protect a fetus growing in the uterus. This is true even if a woman isn’t pregnant. It’s just the body’s natural way of bubble wrapping in preparation for a baby.

Women Remember Better: Surveys show that women have a better knack for memory retention than men. When it comes to remembering grocery lists, soccer dates, marketing meetings, and anniversaries, women trump their male counterparts. Women are also better at recognizing and remembering people’s faces and spend considerably more unconscious attention studying the facial features of new acquaintances. Furthermore, women have a more developed prefrontal cortex and hippocampus which allows them to recall and retain details better than males.

Women’s Immunity and Recovery: Research and women’s health test results indicate they may have better immunity than men, and further studies show they tend to recover from illness more quickly than males. The reasons for these advantages vary according to diet and lifestyle. However, a study conducted by the Integrative Medical Group revealed that estrogen and an extra X chromosome found in women is a direct contributor to a stronger, more active immune system in females.

Sensory Perception in Women: If you’ve ever thought women experience the world differently than men, science indicates your assessment is correct. To explain, women have 50% more olfactory receptors than males which gives them a powerful sense of smell. This super-sniffing asset is believed to facilitate a stronger mother-and-child bond. Women also have the capacity to see a larger spectrum of color than males, especially in the mid-tones. Females can discern subtle hues and distinctions in yellows and green in the color spectrum. This might clarify why more men suffer from color blindness than do women.

Women’s Flexibility and Strength: A woman’s body is more elastic, presumably to accommodate and maneuver while carrying a baby to term. Childbearing is also an evolutionary advantage for women in that they tend to have more flexibility in the lower back and pelvis. Additionally, studies show women’s legs, hips and buttock muscles are stronger than men and fit females are able to surpass men’s stamina 75% more in comparative exercise studies.

Women are Tough: If you’re a woman, you already know the truth in that statement. But women are proven to have a higher tolerance for physical pain than men too. A recent study conducted at McGill University showed that men reported more difficulty and intolerance to pain than women in a series of tests. Women also showed less hypersensitivity and stress when subjected to pain than their male counterparts in this same study.

Women Still Live Longer Than Men: It’s been a well-known fact that an average woman’s lifespan is longer than a man’s. This could be due to their ability to fight off infection and their enhanced immune system. Women may also live longer because they are more willing to get regular health screenings and physical checkups. As women are often depended upon to bear, care and nourish babies, they tend to be more concerned with their health because of this huge responsibility. Consequently, women’s health tends to win the advantage of early detection of disorders or life-threatening conditions.

The Last Word on Women’s Bodies and Wellbeing

While this run-down of interesting facts about women’s bodies is not intended as a battle of the sexes; it’s undeniable that women have awesome advantages over men in some areas. Due to remarkable demands on her body, a woman’s body and her overall wellness require specialized attention. Furthermore, remember that one size simply doesn’t fit all when it comes to your health and wellbeing. So, if you are a woman, embrace your assets, celebrate your differences and obtain care for your health based on your fabulously unique design.

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