How To Prepare For Your First Ever Colonoscopy


A colonoscopy is a study of your colon’s lining by inserting a long, thin tube inside the rectum and capturing video images. These images help the doctor to determine whether there are any abnormalities in your rectum and identify diseases. A doctor may suggest a colonoscopy if they suspect cancerous developments. 

The thought of a colonoscopy may cause many people to dread it. However, the test is done under the effect of anesthesia, so you barely feel it. However, the preparations required for a colonoscopy in Lima can be unpleasant as it involves emptying the contents of your colon. Consult with your doctor to prepare yourself better for the exam. 

Stock up on medicines 7 days before your exam

The preparation should start with stocking up on medications that will help empty your colon and reduce discomfort. Some doctors recommend laxatives, while others recommend taking a combination of different products. It’s best to speak with your doctor so they can suggest the ones that suit you better. 

Laxatives or other medications can increase the number of trips to the bathroom. Wiping with harsh toilet paper may cause rashes. It is recommended to buy moist or medicated wipes. And last but not least, apply diaper cream to your rectum area to avoid irritation of the skin due to diarrhea and frequent wiping. 

5 days before

Your doctor may recommend including and excluding certain foods that may affect the process of emptying your colon. 

Avoid the following foods 5 days before your test. 

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Grains
  • Raw fruits and vegetables 
  • Raw kernel corn

Foods low in fiber are easier to digest; therefore, adding them to your diet is recommended. Additionally, eat soft foods, such as bananas, soups, scrambled eggs, purees, smoothies, etc. 

You should also stop taking certain medications that may increase the risk of bleeding during the colonoscopy. These include blood thinners and NSAIDs. 

24 hours before 

No matter what you eat the entire week, you must follow a liquid-only diet before the day of your test. This diet is because liquid passes from your body efficiently, which is essential for a successful colonoscopy. You may drink any type of liquids, however, make sure to drink water and stay hydrated. 

2 hours before (on the day of your colonoscopy)

Try not to drink anything on the day of your colonoscopy, not even water. If you cannot do that, try not drinking anything 2-3 hours before your exam. This step is crucial as people who drink right before the procedure may get sick and breathe vomit into their lungs. Some doctors may suggest a more extended period without liquids. 

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