How does Yoga help in losing weight


Yoga is a sequence of body movements synchronized with special breathing patterns. These breathing patterns streamline aerobic respiration and hence regulate metabolic processes. This helps in the consumption of fats and assimilation of food properly and ultimately helps in maintaining proper figure and ideal weight. In addition, there are some severe kinds of yoga as well, including Bikram, ashthanga and vinyasa, that not only help in maintaining weight, but also in losing excessive weight due to excessive calories consumption. Expert says that weight is lost when calorie consumption is more than calorie intake, and Bikram and vinyasa yoga help you there i.e excessive calorie consumption through severe physical exercises, synchronized with breathing pattern.

Here are some steps that help you in losing weight with yoga.

Every kind of yoga starts with a standing upright position. You stand straight, with your body balanced and this makes you prepared for the upcoming events or sequence of events. This includes feet together, arms along each side and hands in prayer pose.

  • Inhaling

After taking the proper position, inhale deeply and stretch your arms above the head. This releases stress and makes you prepared.

  • Diving pose

Diving pose is like bending with your legs straight, but hips bent. In this pose you place your hands near your feet. This also includes exhaling with your nose.

  • Bending, while standing pose

This is a position, a little different from diving pose. In this pose, you bend with your legs straight and hips unbent. In this pose, hands are farther from feet and almost parallel to legs. This also includes soft breathing while positioning body.

  • Plank pose

In this pose you lie on the ground with all stress on your belly. Your whole body is in aligned position, and this movement is followed by exhaling. In this pose, your shoulder and head is a little above the ground, while chest, hands, belly and feet touching the ground.

  • Snake pose

In snake pose, stretch your arms on the ground and raise your head, while belly and legs still almost touching the ground. These movements are accompanied with gentle exhaling.

  • Dog pose

Give your body a position like the triangle, with hips at the top most position and hands and feet aligned, yet farther apart. This step is also accompanied with exhaling.

  • Forward bend

This step is accompanied with first inhale and then exhale. In this step you place your hands on ground, aligned with feet without much distance and your spine bent.

All of these movements improve metabolism, burn calories and thus help you in losing weight.

  • Food habits with yoga

Experts suggest that, yoga alone is not enough to lose weight. With yoga, you need to maintain your diet as well. While doing yoga for weight loss, one must eat with moderation. It is suggested that one should eat either snacks or vegetables and nothing heavy. Moreover, plenty of water and fresh juices are also suggested in this context.

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