A List of Proven Tricks to Help You Lose Weight


For those who have unwanted fat in their belly (or in other areas of the body, for that matter), losing weight can be somewhat of a priority. And, as anyone who has ever tried to go on a diet will tell you, trying to lose that extra weight can be a headache and a hassle. Staying away from your favourite foods is bad enough – but what if you have to exercise into the bargain? Fortunately, there are some tricks and techniques you can take advantage of if you would like to lose weight the easy way. Mind you, these tricks and techniques are not difficult – and they are backed by science as well.

Use a smaller plate

In studies, it has been shown that using a smaller plate can make you eat less than you would have if you had eaten with a bigger plate. This is because with a smaller plate, your perspective on portion size changes as well. What looks like nothing on a large plate looks like a lot on a small plate – it’s as simple as that. So you may think that you are eating your fill, but in fact, you are eating less than you normally would. An additional tip: if you want to help yourself lose weight, you can do so by taking slimming pills containing ingredients like bitter orange and cayenne paprika, as these are known to boost metabolism and enhance weight loss.

Don’t eat too fast

Another trick that has worked for many individuals is this: don’t eat too fast. It takes a while for your brain to realise that you are full, and they say that the average time it takes your brain to process the feeling of fullness is about twenty minutes. So the trick is to eat as slowly as you can, savouring each and every bite. Don’t gobble up your food like there’s no tomorrow. Eating too fast will make you end up eating more because your brain doesn’t yet realise that you are already full. As a matter of fact, those who are obese tend to eat faster than those who are slim or slender. When you chew your food slowly, you not only end up eating less – your body may also produce more hormones needed to boost weight loss.

Brush after every meal

If you are having a busy day at work, chances are, you won’t have much time to visit the WC, much less brush your teeth after breakfast or lunch. But if you make it a point to brush your teeth after breakfast or lunch, you may actually help ease your cravings in between meals. The reason for this is simple: many people just don’t like the feeling of eating something after they have brushed their teeth. Plus, eating something after brushing or gargling with mouthwash can make food taste unpleasant.

Yolanda Rivera

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