6 things you should do to detox after a weekend at a summer music festival


At Sunfest Country Music Festival last year. Had an amazing time!

It’s the morning after the final night of that awesome summer music festival you and your friends were at over the weekend, and you crawl out of your tent looking for water. You straighten your Woodstock-inspired Navajo headband that’s still around your forehead as you survey the dusty and trodden ground, littered with beer cans, red solo cups, half-eaten hot dogs, tipped-over camping chairs and crumpled-up chip bags. You feel terrible, immediately regretting the five or six beers — or maybe that was 10 or 12? — you had each day over the weekend, along with all the hot dogs, chips, candy and other festival food that was so hard to resist, especially after a drink or seven. You were doing so well with your diet before the weekend, eating mostly whole foods and lots of vegetables. Now you feel like you’ve ruined everything in one weekend. As you pull on your last clean pair of high-waisted, high-cut denim shorts and Bill Murray T-shirt before packing up your mess of a campsite, you vow to drink nothing but water and green juice for the next seven days. (more…)

5 awesome kitchen tools for healthy meals

Rectangular Silicone Steamer from Epicure

Rectangular Silicone Steamer from Epicure

We all know the best way to eat healthy is to prepare home-cooked meals as opposed to grabbing something to-go from your favourite restaurant or fast-food joint. But just because you make it at home doesn’t mean it’s going to be any better for you, especially if you cook with a lot of oil, load up your recipes with butter and salt and skimp on the veggies.

Aside from using healthier recipes (like the ones found in these cookbooks), there are a few kitchen tools you can use to whip up healthy meals in a pinch. (more…)

{thinking out loud Thursday} How I got buried in debt and why I can’t pull myself out

Just taking my $17,000 Jeep off-road through some mud... smart...

Just taking my $17,000 Jeep off-road through some mud… smart…

I can’t recall the last time I didn’t stress about money.

Ever since I got my first credit card in my twenties, along with a $17,000 loan to buy a car (to this day I have no idea why my bank agreed to give a university student who worked in a coffee shop that large of a loan), I’ve struggled to get by. Before then I had no problem saving up to buy things I wanted, including a trip to Thailand. I never shopped or spent money on frivolous things. But once debt from my car and student loans piled up, several relationship break-ups requiring moves and all the household purchases involved with that occurred, plus a new-found love of running and triathlon (shoes and spandex isn’t cheap), I’ve never been able to dig myself out — despite several rescue attempts from the bank of mom and dad and consolidating everything at my bank a few times. (more…)

What happened when I discovered my clothes no longer fit

Your thoughts BP BloggersEarlier this week I decided to dig my summer office attire out from the back of the closet (since it’s finally warm enough here for me to wear less layers) and don a black knee-length skirt to work  with a black t-shirt, grey cardigan and some cute gold flats. The last time I wore the skirt was at Christmas time, when I paired it with black polka dot print tights, a teal sweater and brown leather boots.

Imagine my horror when the skirt wouldn’t zip up.

But why would I be horrified? I’m a personal trainer who promotes body acceptance and positive self-image. I know I’ve been strength training and squatting a whole lot since December. I tell my clients it’s not about aesthetics, it’s about how you feel. Why would I even let it bother me? (more…)

My 2015 goals progress update

The start of my consistent yoga practice this January

The start of my consistent yoga practice this January

In January of this year, I shared three goals I hoped to achieve by December 31, 2015: master some variation of the scorpion pose and hold it for 10 seconds, grow my client base at Koru Personal Training, and get a consistent meditation practice going. Although training for the Boston Marathon is also on my to-do list (since I achieved my 2014 goal of qualifying in October last year), I’m not going to know if I made it in until September, so that goal is a bit out of my control.

So how am I doing on my 2015 goals now that we’re half-way through 2015? (more…)

{Friday Favourites} The best reads in health, food, fitness and life this week

Life In LeggingsHappy Friday, friends! How was your week? Even though this week was a short one for me it felt like it was never going to end. Last weekend I got to see one of my best friends get married before jetting off to Vancouver the following day for a Shania Twain concert (Yes, Shania Twain. I love her. Don’t judge me), then had a very busy week at both jobs. I can tell my introverted self needs a bit of a slower weekend to recharge. So other than some causal hang-outs with good friends on patios, I plan to take it easy this weekend!

I’m linking up with the lovely Heather of Life in Leggings as per usual to share some of the most interesting reads in health, food, fitness and life I found around the web this week. (more…)

{thinking out loud Thursday} Fears about reproductive health

Since Thursdays are for thinking out loud, I wanted to bring up a little factoid I read in an article last week in Chatelaine Magazine that concerns me.

I think most of us know that a women’s fertility starts to decline after age 30, but did you know that rate plummets between the ages of 35 and 37? Here are some more stats from the article:

“According to Health Canada, 91 percent of women can get pregnant at age 30. At age 35, that number drops to 77 percent, and by age 40, it’s 53 percent.) When they do become pregnant, older women are at a greater risk for miscarriage and complications in childbirth, and their chances of having a child with a genetic disorder, such as Down syndrome, are also higher.”

I didn’t worry much about my desire or capacity to have children until I turned 30 earlier this year. I always thought I’d start a family between ages 28 and 32, but since that’s not something clearly defined on the horizon for me anymore, I’m starting to get a little concerned. I’ve also always had this weird sense I’m going to have problems getting pregnant, or will have an issue with pregnancy. I have no idea where that comes from — it could be known family history, or it could be something else. My fears were almost realized earlier this year when I had something happen that could potentially cause reproductive problems down the line.

I know this is a negative way to think, is unnecessary worrying and I should just let it go — but I wanted to have a conversation about it and find out if I’m not the only one with these fears, unfounded or not. I’d also love to hear from anyone who started a family late by chance or choice, and if they had any concerns about it.


Thanks Amanda for the link-up 🙂

Are you over 30 and concerned about your reproductive health like me? Are you waiting to start a family until later in life? Why? Did you delay having kids and have had no problems, or were there some issues?

{thinking out loud Thursday} A part-time omnivore’s dilemma

Happy almost Friday, friends! I’ve had a crazy busy week and could not be more excited for the weekend. Yesterday (and almost every other day this week) I worked from about 5 a.m. (blogging/9-to-5 job/training at the studio/replying to client emails) until about 7:30 p.m. Luckily it was all things I love to do! But I can tell I need to take a break and completely disconnect this weekend. We’re going camping again, so there’s going to be lots more of this going on:

Indy quite happy to be glamping

Indy quite happy to be glamping

My adult sippy cup.

My adult sippy cup.

But on to the topic of my Thinking Out Loud post for this week: Yesterday I had an article I wrote a few months ago published on Elephant Journal, which was super awesome and exciting because I love the stories published on Elephant Journal!


You can read the article here.

The only thing is…

I’m not vegetarian. (more…)

The importance of a morning routine and why I get up at 3:45 a.m. most days of the week


I get up early so I can see things like this.

I usually get a look of disgust followed immediately by a “but why?” when I tell people what time I wake up in the morning.

Even when I’m tired or get to sleep late, I roll out of bed around 3:45 a.m. Very rarely does my comfy bed compel me to stay tucked in for another two or three hours. As soon as I open my eyes, I’m actually excited to be awake — maybe because I get to eat my favourite meal of the day, or maybe because the early morning hours are peaceful and give me the space I need to focus on things I enjoy. Whatever the reason for my excitement, here’s what my morning routine has evolved into over the past three years:

3:45 a.m. – Wake up a minute before my alarm goes off.

3:50 a.m. – Do a few sun salutations and inversions will my oatmeal cooks and the coffee is made.

4:00-4:30 a.m. – Eat breakfast while catching up on email and surfing Facebook (a multitasking habit in which I’m trying to break).

4:30-4:45 a.m. – Meditate. (more…)

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