Spooky encounters from the most haunted city in British Columbia

Since we didn’t do anything this past weekend to celebrate Halloween (except for watch a few scary shows on Netflix and eat mini chocolate bars… but we do that on a regular basis anyway), I thought I’d share a few true spooky encounters I have had in my hometown of Victoria, which is considered to be the most haunted city in British Columbia thanks to our “climate, geography, cowboy culture of the city’s early year — which included many murders — and presence of First Nations burial sites beneath the city’s foundations.” Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, it’s still fun to read if you like to get creeped out like I do for some strange reason, especially at this time of year.


If you want to read some of Victoria’s most famous ghost stories, check out this article in British Columbia Magazine.

The man in the bathroom

When I was little — maybe about six or seven years old — I used to play what I called “the knocking game” with my dad when I would have a bath at night. The bathroom I used with the bath tub was right next to my parents’ bathroom, and when my dad would come upstairs to get ready for bed he’d knock a few times on the wall adjacent to the tub, knowing I was in there having a bath. I’d knock back, matching the pattern of knocks. We’d go back and forth a few times until I got bored with the game, and he’d go to bed to read his book.

Well, one night I played the knocking game — matching the pattern and knocking back and forth for a few minutes until I got bored and didn’t knock back — and my dad was not in the adjacent bathroom. When I got out of the bath, I went into my parents’ room to say goodnight to my dad as usual, and he wasn’t there. I ran downstairs and he was still watching TV with my mom. I asked him about playing the knocking game and he said he never went upstairs. They laughed and said maybe it was a ghost, and I’m pretty sure I cried and refused to sleep with the lights off completely after that for several years.


Several years later, I was sitting in my parents’ room on their bed watching TV after school and thought I saw a very tall man standing in the bathroom doorway for a second out of the corner or my eye. I bolted downstairs and didn’t go back into that room to watch TV unless someone was home.

The man in my best friend’s house

This is my one actual WTF ghost encounter, where more than just me saw something unexplainable. I was about 14 or 15 years old, and my friend, her mom and I were in her mom’s car, just about to back out of the driveway of my friend’s house to go shopping downtown when we saw a man walk across the living room from a large window at the front of the house. We all went silent, and my friend’s mom parked the car and went inside to check it out. There wasn’t anyone else home at the time, and she couldn’t find a trace of anyone in the house. When she got back in the car, she causally mentioned it was probably the ghost of the man who died there of a heart attack before they moved in. Again, I was super creeped out and didn’t want to sleep over there anymore.

A few months later, I was at said friend’s house again after school with my bestie Janine. We were all sitting on the trampoline in her backyard, most likely eating snacks and talking about boys, when we saw someone crack open and look through the Venetian blinds from my friend’s bedroom window. We all saw it, and this time we knew no one was home and freaked out. I feel like we didn’t go back inside until one of my friend’s parents got home later.

I’m sure there have been other creepy instances, but those two stick out for me the most. I’ve gone on “ghost hunting” adventures and walks on numerous occasions (I don’t know how many times we’ve tried to find the April Ghost of the Victoria Golf Club), and have not been as creeped out as I have been on those two occasions.

Doris Gravlin is said to haunt the Victoria Golf Club and only appears in early spring

Doris Gravlin is said to haunt the Victoria Golf Club and only appears in early spring

Have you had any creepy encounters or ghost stores to share? What’s the most famous haunting in your town? Do you believe in ghosts?