Phoenix Marathon training update: Two weeks to go!

Last long run before the race!

Last long run before the race!

I meant to write another update last week, but could only manage one blog post amid freelance writing priorities. This week will be much of the same I think, as I have seven 500-word articles due before I leave on the 25th. Hopefully I can get back to more blogging in March when things slow down a bit!

I did my last long-ish run on Sunday before the marathon, and will now spend the last two weeks taking it easy. Here’s how I’m hoping the next two weeks will go (with some changes from my updated plan):

Feb 15 – 21
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 30 minute full-body strength circuit/plyo plus 15 minutes yoga and foam rolling
Wednesday – 40 min treadmill intervals
Thursday – 30 minute full-body strength circuit plus 15 minutes yoga and foam rolling
Friday – 40 min easy run
Saturday – 6 km easy run
Sunday – 10 km easy run

Feb 22 – Race day!
Monday – Rest 30 minutes yoga and foam rolling
Tuesday – 30 minutes yoga and foam rolling 40 min easy treadmill run
Wednesday – 30 min easy treadmill run (plus yoga and foam rolling)
Thursday – Rest (travel day)
Friday – Easy 3 km in Phoenix (plus yoga and foam rolling)
Saturday – RACE! (And run a 4:57 pace to finish in 3:29:00!!!)
Sunday – Rest/eat and drink everything

I felt really good on yesterday’s run — I ran 2 km of hills then did 8 km at my marathon pace, followed by a 2 km easy pace — but since I’ve been using my FitBit Charge to track runs, I’m not entirely sure if my pace is accurate. I find the Charge tends to underestimate pace and distance, so I could be going faster than I need to. I’ll bring my Garmin to the race, but it’s been super glitchy since I accidentally threw it in the wash a few months ago (I suppose I should be happy it’s working at all). I don’t really have the $250 to spend on a new Garmin at the moment (especially with how much this marathon trip is costing thanks to the exchange rate… $750 CAD for three nights in a Quality Inn in Anaheim?!), so fingers crossed I can get one last race out of it before it dies.

Exploring new run trails around the neighbourhood.

Exploring new run trails around the neighbourhood.


Other than crazy marathon training hangries and carb cravings, I’ve been feeling really good — nothing hurts, my legs feel strong, my cardio is great and I’m healthy (knock on wood!). The last time I BQ’ed, I got a foot issue and a head cold the week before the race, so I’m going to take extra good care of myself during these next two weeks to make sure I get enough healthy food and sleep.

I must admit I’m a bit concerned about the weather. It’s been hovering around 5 degrees C here (41 degrees F for my friends down south), and it’s going to be 29-30 degrees C in Mesa on race day. Luckily we start early at 5:30 am in the middle of the desert, so we’ll miss racing during the hottest part of the day. If it can stay between 10-16 degrees C during the race, I’ll be happy — this might be the one time where I’m actually glad I’m a cold person as I don’t overheat easily. I’ve been running inside on the treadmill in multiple layers and I still don’t get hot, so this whole cold person thing might be to my advantage on race day! That said, I’ve run a race before in the heat after training in the cold and the heat got to me out on the course. But I’m going to chalk that up to inexperience as it was only my second race ever, a half marathon in Maui, and I didn’t really train for it.

31 degrees on race day!?!??

31 degrees on race day!?!??


Other than worrying about the weather, I’m super excited for this race — my stomach did a flip-flop when I received my first email from the race over the weekend. I don’t know if I’m just super stoked about running a race somewhere I’ve never been before, that I’m attempting another BQ, OR that I’m also going to Disneyland (eee!) and Las Vegas (eeee!)… needless to say my pre-race jitters are starting to kick in and will only get more intense during these next few weeks.

More run views!

More country run views!


Speaking of travelling down south: If I have any readers from the Mesa area, I’d love to know where I can grab a tasty pre-race meal (vegetarian but preferably vegan) on Friday. Also, if I have any readers in LA near the Staple Center, Anaheim, Las Vegas or Mesa, I’d love to stock up on stuff I buy from the states while I’m down there, so let me know if you know where I can buy 100% Pure, Satya Jewelry, Indie Lee and Oiselle!

Have you run the Phoenix Marathon before? I’d love to read your race review/hear some tips!