Phoenix Marathon training update: 1 week to go!


My new Garmin Forerunner!

My current state is a mix of pre-race jitters, concern about the heat in Phoenix, general excitement for running a marathon in another country, worrying about staying healthy before we go, and crazy excitement for Disneyland (I haven’t been since I was 12!) and Vegas (I’ve never been!).

I did my last long run on Sunday, a 10 km at a moderate 5:23 pace. I meant to go slower, but decided to test my new Garmin (yes, I bit the bullet because and bought a Forerunner 225 because it’s one less thing I have to worry about on race day) and how it paces. I cruised along at my race pace for a bit (about 4:55 min/per km) and felt pretty good. I LOVE all the data on the Forerunner 225, which also doubles as an activity tracker; you can wear it all day to track steps, sleep and calories burned, plus it has continuous heart rate tracking from your wrist (own with chest straps!). I’ve been wearing the Garmin on one wrist and my FitBit Charge on the other to compare tracking, so hopefully I can write up a full comparison for the blog eventually.

This week I plan to do a bit of yoga and upper body today, an easy 5 km run tomorrow morning and another easy 5 km run on Wednesday. Those runs will probably be outside, because I just can’t on the treadmill. I get dizzy when I run over a 6.5 speed, which is much slower than my outdoor speed. Then I get bored and start playing with elevation and end up walking just to mix it up. So I’ll have to put up with a few more dark, early morning runs before training is done.

Ugh so slow and boring

Ugh so slow and boring


We fly into Los Angeles on Thursday, so my next run will be a short 3 km when I’m in Phoenix on Friday. It’s supposed to be 27 degrees C there on Friday and 28 degrees C on race day, but around 12-15 degrees C in the early morning when we start, which is totally manageable. The race sent out a weather advisory email saying they’ll have extra water and cold towels at the finish line, so at least the organizers are on top of the situation!

I stepped on the scale in the first time in forever to see if all my marathon hangeries added some extra lbs to my body, which is not ideal when you’re going for a speedy marathon time. I’m happy to report no change in my weight from a year ago (hooray!), despite eating ALL THE FOODZ.

A typical lunch plus day time snacks during marthon training

A typical lunch plus day time snacks during marthon training


I have a massage booked for today after work to fix anything I’ve missed foam rolling, but otherwise everything feels strong and normal! I think this is the first time I haven’t had SOMETHING before a race, be it an injury or sickness. Let’s hope it stays that way.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m wearing on race day, aside from compression sleeves, my Team Nuun visor and my Oiselle Roga shorts. I guess I need to figure that out soon as I won’t have room to bring options, since I also need to pack heels and sparkly dresses for Vegas and causal summer clothes for Disneyland.

I may or may not post again this week, depending how much I can finish tonight in terms of freelance. In case I can’t, be sure to follow my race updates and results via Instagram!

Any tips for travelling to a destination race? Do you put everything in a carry-on? Will airport security take my gels? (haha). And what about bringing your own snacks into Disneyland; is that allowed? Any other Phoenix Marathon tips to share? Any good restaurant recommendations in Disneyland, Vegas and Phoenix?