5 Fitness Habits of Highly Productive People

5 Fitness Habits of Highly Productive People

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Highly productive people. They’re everywhere. They’re working at your office busting out project after project, they’re in your run group discussing that book they’re writing/tech start-up they just launched while still working a secure 9-to-5 job, they’re your friend who’s a mom of two young kids with a full-time job and still finds the time to work out.

They’re impressive, and exhausting. How DO they fit it all in?

According to most books and articles written on the habits of highly productive people, they write a lot of to-do lists. They only focus on one thing at a time. They get up early. They exercise. They do their most important task first. They don’t read emails on the weekend. They have a daily morning routine.

While highly productive people have found ways to fit exercise into their busy lives, can someone who might not be a textbook productive person find ways to hack their fitness routines to at least make THAT part of their day a bit more efficient (and more likely to be done)?

They sure can.

Here are 5 ways that highly (and non-highly) productive people can be even MORE productive with their fitness routines. (And I’m not even going to include the standard “get up early”, either.)

5 Fitness Habits of Highly Productive People

  1. Get the FitBit Charge HR. Because who has time to put on a chest strap heart rate monitor before a workout? Simply press and hold the activity tracker you’re already wearing to track your workout. No manual entering of data required.
  2. What pants? If you workout at home, who’s got time to put on another layer if you don’t really need to? Socks, shoes, underwear and a sports bra will do just fine. (I’m only sort-of kidding with this one.)
  3. Make your lunch, breakfast or dinner in between sets. I actually do this. I’ll do a set of exercises with a pair of dumbbells, then walk over to the kitchen and slice an orange. Another set, slice a mango. Another set, slap some PB on rice cakes. Another set, place a mug of coffee in the microwave to be heated up just before I leave for work. Another set, find clothes I’m going to wear that day and lay them out on my bed. You get the picture.
  4. Supersets. Hitting opposing muscle groups one right after the other is the most efficient way to strength train if you’re simply looking to get it done and keep your heart rate up at the same time. Combining upper and lower body moves (like a squat with an overhead press) with push/pulls exercises (push-up and dumbbell row) is the best way to fit it all in in the shortest amount of time.
  5. Walk and email. Although I highly recommend unplugging and enjoying nature when you’re out for a walk, sometimes you just need to save time and reply to a few emails while you can. I often respond to emails and blog comments on my work commute, which is only a 10 minute walk, or when I’m taking my dog out to do his business. Yes, Indy actually takes that long to find a suitable place to pee.

What tip would you add to this list that maybe others haven’t considered before? What are some of your highly productive habits? Would you ever try any of these?