#WorkoutWednesday: Lazy, post-vacation workout

You know when you return from a week or more of vacation — that may or may not have included lots of relaxing, eating and drinking — and have a hard time getting back into your workout routine?

Instead of putting off exercise for another day (or week), try this easy yet effective post-vacation workout routine. You won’t be burning mega calories with this one, but it’s a great set of exercises to help get you back on track.

And let me tell you: after four days of camping in a dusty hayfield surrounded by 19-year-old kids using pink plastic flamingos as beer bongs (apparently it’s called a “flabongo”…) at Sunfest this past weekend, a workout with lots of sitting and lying down was all I could manage today. By the end of the workout, I felt much better and ready to jump back into my regular exercise routine.


Start with an easy 7-minute warm up that includes arms circles, sun salutations and leg swings — anything to get the joints mobile and your blood flowing. Once you’ve warmed up, perform all exercises in each set three times through as supersets before moving to the next set, resting for 1 minute in between each grouped set (so do 1A, 2A and A3 back-to-back-to-back, rest for 30 seconds, then perform the same exercises again, rest for 30 seconds, then one more time before resting for 1 minute and moving on to the next grouped set). Use light to moderate weights (5-15 lbs). Remember to take those breaks in between sets to let your heart rate recover.

Here are video demonstrations of some of the exercises you may not have tried before. You can perform these either at home or in the gym, and can use an exercise ball, chair or bench for the seated exercises.

Do you have a hard time getting back into your workout routine after a vacation, or do you continue to exercise while on vacation? How long does it take you to get back into your workout routine after a holiday?