{Friday Favourites} The best reads of the week about health, fitness and mental wellbeing

Life In LeggingsHappy Friday, friends! How was your week? What do you have planned for the weekend?

It’s been a very tough week for me and I’m glad it’s over. I may divulge next week, but for now I’ll just leave it at that.

Training for the Finlayson Arm 25K has been going well. This weekend Debbie and I are heading out to run this route: A 17km point-to-point from Mt. Work to Mt. Finlayson. Last year it took us about 3:30 hours to complete, so we plan to head out early in the day to beat the heat. It’s been abnormally hot and humid here in Victoria lately; you can’t do anything outside without getting tacky with sweat within 5 minutes. If it wasn’t for the numerous forest fires burning in BC right now and blocking out the sun, it probably would be even hotter.

Pretty sure the zombie apocalypse is coming... check out this no-filtered shot I took of sun from this week on one of my morning runs.

Pretty sure the zombie apocalypse is coming… check out this no-filtered shot I took of sun from this week on one of my morning runs.

Smoke from forest fires all over BC hanging over the island

Smoke from forest fires all over BC hanging over the island

But on to the links! I’m linking up with the lovely Heather of Life in Leggings as per usual to share some of the most interesting reads in health, fitness and life I found around the web this week.

How Fast Should You Lose Weight? – Body for Wife
Anyone who’s on some 21-day detox diet plan should read this. This is why all my coaching plans focus on small habit changes and slow and steady progress: It’s much more sustainable and results in long-term weight loss in the long run.

Finding Balance with Meditation – Jill Conyers
I love this post from Jill. I feel like starting and continue a meditation practice is similar to starting and maintaining a fitness program: you need to start small and make it fit within your life. If you’re thinking about trying meditation, Jill has some great tips to help you get started.

16 Scientific Reasons Why People Who Are Socially Anxious Are Usually Highly Intelligent – Thought Catalog
For all my anxiety sufferers out there. I don’t have social anxiety per se, but I could definitely relate to some of these behaviours and it was nice to know the benefits of being hyper-aware. For example, one study “found that children with Generalized Anxiety Disorder have higher levels of cognitive ability and diligence simply because they are constantly examining things, seeking theories and explanations, trying to rationalize and evaluate information from multiple angles, all at the same time.”

Repetition = Internalization = Work – Erin’s Inside Job
Ugh. This post was very timely for me. Like Erin, there are some things I know to be true, but have a hard time believing them, internalizing them and making them a habit.

Pride in Ability vs. Pride in Appearance: Why Sports & Fitness Matter – Pump & Iron
I love this post from Nicole. I was never into sports and fitness growing up and only went to the gym to work on my physical appearance. It wasn’t until I got into running that my mindset shifted from pride in appearance to pride in my ability to run faster and longer.

So Apparently There Are 4 Kinds of Introversion – NYMag
Introverts are more complicated than previously thought. According to psychologist Jonathan Cheek, “there are four shades of introversion: social, thinking, anxious, and restrained. And many introverts are a mix of all four types, rather than demonstrating one type over the others.” I took the test in the article and was closest to a thinking introvert (45%), followed by a social introvert (42%). I was least like a restrained introvert (28%). According to the article, a thinking introvert is described as the following:

Thinking introversion is a newer concept. People with high levels of thinking introversion don’t share the aversion to social events people usually associate with introversion. Instead, they’re introspective, thoughtful, and self-reflective. “You’re capable of getting lost in an internal fantasy world,” Cheek said. “But it’s not in a neurotic way, it’s in an imaginative and creative way.” Think the dreamily imaginative Luna Lovegood, not the socially awkward Neville Longbottom, Cheek said, putting it into Harry Potter terms I, for one, am deeply familiar with.

Do you have a regular meditation practice?
Do you or do you know someone who has social anxiety?
What are some thoughts you know to be true but have a hard time internalizing?
Are you an introvert? Take the text and tell me which type you are!