Why I’m heading back to the gym

Something I’ll never be able to do at my new place… my bike trainer sounds like a plane taking off.

Something I’ll never be able to do at my new place… my bike trainer sounds like a plane taking off.

Remember when I quit the gym? Well… I’m on the hunt for a new place to workout indoors, but not because I’m tired of running outside. Who could ever get tired of that? I’d take running in wet, dreary west coast weather over a treadmill any day. No, it’s because my new downstairs neighbours can’t handle the sound of us walking across our living room floor, let alone me jumping around doing workout DVDs.

I moved into a new building last week, in part to save money by living with a roommate, but also to cut down on my work/boyfriend commute time. Just five days into living there, we received a formal letter of complaint from the property manager  on behalf of the people in the unit below us, saying that they hear constant noise,  loud party noises coming from our unit (during a time when my roommate wasn’t even in the country and I hadn’t even moved in yet), and that they could hear “loud banging and moving furniture” on November 16… the day I moved in. Really?? There was moving furniture?? Ya don’t say!! Pretty sure you can’t fine someone $200 for that.

So suffice to say I think any at-home workouts are out of the question for now until we can get this whole thing sorted out. I’m pretty sure people should be allowed to workout in their homes during normal daytime hours, even if it might sound loud to your neighbours below. I never had any problems in my old condo, and even though the dude upstairs from me was pretty audible (when he was playing/losing Halo 4, I’m guessing… I can’t think of any other reason you would yell, stomp your feet and throw things when you live by yourself… ), I got used to it — heck, it’s condo living. What do you expect?

So right now I’m on the hunt for somewhere I can go before work, with lots of space for free weight exercises. Classes and no contract would be a plus! If you have any suggestions for gyms around the Uptown area or even downtown (if there’s parking), leave a comment below!

On another note, also sort of relating back to this post, I missed running Gunner Shaw this year 🙁 It was on Saturday, and I had a ton of cleaning to do at my old condo and couldn’t justify leaving for a few hours to go race. I heard it was a wet-and-muddy good time, as always! Because of all these moving shenanigans in the past few weeks I’ve now missed two of my favourite fall races… thankfully there’s still Stewart Mt. 10 miler coming up in December! Definitely NOT going to miss it!