Saturday hikes around the Island

Indy at Matheson Lake.

As part of my new do-whatever-I-feel-like-doing fitness routine I’ve got going on lately, my boyfriend and I have been exploring a few of the local Vancouver Island trails with the dogs almost every Saturday. Although sometimes I think I’d rather be flying through the trees, expertly side-stepping roots and clamoring up rocks like a mountain goat (okay, I run trails more like a regular goat… that’s been hit with a tranquilizer dart. It’s more of a controlled fall, actually…), it’s nice to take your time once in awhile and to really appreciate the scenery. I could not imagine living somewhere without these parks and trails just a short drive away.

The beauty of hiking (besides the scenery, of course) is that if you can find a trail with in incline, you can get your heart rate up just as much as if you were running. Another bonus: company!  I find more people (and dogs with stubby little legs) are willing to go for a hike than a trail run.

Vancouver Island has a ton of hiking and running trails to choose from. (I’ve mainly just explored the trails on the southern part of the island — if you want to learn more about the mid and north island trails, I highly suggest you check out

Here are a few of the trails we’ve explored recently–instangrammed, of course. If you want to more details about some of the trails in the Westshore specifically, check out this site I made!

Gowlland Todd Regional Park

Mill Hill

Gowlland Todd lookout

Exploring the trails at Goldstream Park